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Jim Burns is a former teacher, and administrator with over forty years of experience.

He has been a professional speaker since the year 2000. He is a college instructor, anti-bullying consultant, writer, and course designer.

In May of 2015, Jim was awarded the degree of Doctor of Humane Letters for his almost 40 years of work in the area of student behavior management and anti-bullying. In 2012 He and Paul McEnerney wrote and co-designed The Bully Proof Classroom a graduate course that is offered at The College of New Jersey and LaSalle University in Pennsylvania in partnership with The Regional Training Center in Randolph NJ.


What Are We Responsible For ? Our Motives

Do you ever watch CSI (Crime Seen Investigation)? I do, occasionally. I am at amazed how all of the evidence that is collected can point directly at the suspect in question, but they just can’t seem to figure out a motive. They need the motive to convict the person of...

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They Just Don’t Know

Trying to explain to a child, or even at times an adult, the reason “whys” or “why not’s” related to certain behaviors can at times can be frustrating (and with our own children can be frightening.). “Don’t drink and drive,” “don’t smoke,” “watch who you pick as a...

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The Bully Proof Classroom

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Bully Proof Classroom

Dealing With Angry and Irate Parents

Parents who are angry and irate can wreak havoc in a school and can be intimidating. Learn how to defuse power struggles and maintain your dignity, and the dignity of the parent as you handle planned and unplanned parent /teacher conferences.This is a 5 hour self study course. The participants may be eligible for 5 hours of professional development credit.

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