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Written By: James H Burns - Feb• 20•12

The Bully Proof Classroom is seeking writers for this website. If you are a teacher, parent, or even a student and would like to share some ideas or even your own bullying story we would love to hear from you. Your article will get front page views when it is posted and you can also provides links to help promote your own site. If you are a good writer and believe you have something that is relevant to the topic of bullying please send us anĀ  email at The only thing that we ask is that you show your loyalty by subscribing to The Anti Bullying Tip of the Day.

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  1. i been bulled by this kid named Dakota. Unlike other kids that got bulled I still went to school ,igot sright As . I stick up for my self even though he was taller. He was bullying me for two years and he was in my homeroom class for two years .

  2. when dakota spreed the word that I don’t shower, that i was fat , and i was ugly the whole 4th grade turned on me exept for my friends this year i just have a little bulling.the bullys names are Auston,cole,geoge,Arto,Kiven,Erik,and michel

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