The Bully Proof Classroom


How Did You Do It?

  A Reflective Journal For Those Who Have Learned How To Stop Being Bullied How does childhood bullying affect a person’s self confidence, resiliency, and courage? How much fear still remains in the victim in social situations and during even the smallest of confrontations? There are those that have overcome the fear bullying and that […]

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8 Core Principles

This reflective journal lays out 8 core principles that will help you discover how you can put them to use in your life. You will have the opportunity to journal about your progress and document success stories that have resulted because of the use of these core principles. So take your time and feel good […]

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Classroom Kryptonite

Before You Read This Book Please Read This In writing this book I interchange kid, student, child, and he and she. They all mean the same thing. I interchange parent, teacher and society. They all merely mean someone who is supposed to be in charge. You will find one intervention used for multiple behaviors. That’s […]

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How To Start The Conversation With Your Child About Sexting

I used to wonder how I could bring up awkward subjects with my children, and as far as those go, sexting is pretty high on the list. At the time they start doing this, kids already understand the basic concepts of sex. In fact, a lot of them consider themselves to be experts who need […]

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