Lesson Plans, Strategies and Resources

What If The Frankenstein Monster Really Was A Guy?

The New Year’s Resolution Journal For Students

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. – Lessons On Character (Grades 5-12)

The Behavior Management Toolbox

Helping Parents Understand Bullying

Stop The Bullying (K-12)

The Difference Between Tattling and Responsible Reporting

A Students Guide To Cyberbullying (Middle School and Up)

The Effects Of Recess and Play On The Academic Achievement of Children

Everyone Has Plenty of Reasons For Their Behavior – But There Are No Excuses

How To Avoid Confrontation With Problem Students – In Front of Your Class

Dealing With Parents Who Lack Respect and Responsibility

15 Character Qualities That We Must Teach To Our Students

The Teacher’s Life Notebook

An Anti Bullying Conference

Teaching Your Students Good Study Habits


Helping Students Understand What Motivates Them

Helping Kids To Disagree But, With The Right Attitude

Teaching Kids How To Cooperate Even When They Disagree

Stop Asking and Start Telling

Everybody Knows – Presentation

Everybody Knows – 10 Hour Self Study Course

What Is Really Weakening Our Schools

The School Climate Control Conference (Video)

Keys To An Effective Anti Bullying Campaign

Keys To An Effective In School Suspension Program

The New 3R’s: Respect, Responsibility, and Relationships


Four Educational Models That Have Been Overused

Courageous Conversations

KISS (Keep It Simple)

Sexual Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying In Schools and In The Workplace

The Responsibility Package (Podcasts)

Helping Your Students Retain Information

The Everyday Bundle

100 Everyday Strategies: Helping Students and Teachers Become Their Personal Best

Character Is Everything (A 5 Hour Self Study Course)

Helping Your Students Bully Proof Themselves

How To Teach Compliance

Respect and Responsibility Writing Prompts


Friendship, Fighting and Bullying (Podcast)

Courage Is Like A Muscle (Podcast)

If You Hear It or See It You Own it

Defusing Power Struggles

20 Everyday Strategies That Help Your Students Become Their Personal Best

8 Great Lesson Plans That Combat Bullying and Cyberbullying

10 Great Anti Bullying Strategies + 4 More

Character Education Place mats

The Eye That Mocks The Father (Journal)

Captive Thoughts (Journal)

How Did You Do It?

A Webinar On Respect

The Anti Bullying Teacher Toolbox