The Bully Proof Classroom


Jim’s RTC Schedule 2017-18

Written By: James H Burns



Class Start Date Location
The Bully Proof Classroom  9/15/2017  Fairfield NJ
Brain Based Teaching





Basking Ridge NJ
Fairfield NJ


Cooperative Discipline 1/12/2018 Morristown NJ
Reflective Practices  
Assessment Techniques  
 Disability Awareness/Inclusion  4/13/2018  Fairfield NJ


  1. Carrie McDivitt says:

    I am the 4-H community club leader in my small town and our club is trying to do an anti-bully program in our school, the club has limited money and is looking for a speaker and program that they can carry out through the years. I really like the Wonda and toothpaste ideas! It would be a long travel for you to CA but could we talk on the subject….I like the hands on approch you’ve shown with these two activities. Thank you

    • James H Burns says:

      Hi and thanks for contacting me. Although you are a bit of a distance away, and are working with limited funds we may be able to help by developing a program based upon your needs. I am a college instructor and have designed one of the first anti bullying graduate programs in the country. This course is offered both face to face and on line, and is offered at 2 different colleges. You can view the course here Furthermore we are in the process of developing a 5 hour professional development opportunity for anyone that will be on our site in the next few months. If you would like to communicate your needs and what your funds are I am sure that we could develop a program for you within your budget. Finally while on our site please take the time to purchase The downloadable Anti Bullying Handbook. It is 125 pages and is loaded with activities, articles, and insights that you could use. Next, take a look at buying a copy of “The New 3Rs in Education: Respect, Responsibility, and Relationships.” This is an invaluable tool for helping parents and educators teach the character quality of respect. Also, please subscribe to The Anti Bullying Tip of the Day. It is free and you will receive a tip every day right to your inbox. Also take a look at the Anti Bullying Coffee House Forum that is on the site and see what people are saying about this topic. I do hope that we can serve your organization, I do speak in schools, and for many organizations throughout the country. If interested you could discuss what your resources look like. My Best to You.


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