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Kids today can feel good about themselves for no apparent reason. No one is allowed to fail, even if they do. Everyone wins, even if they lose. Often, the truth is bent a little too much giving kids a false sense of security in their abilities and their behavior. How did I do on that test, teacher? “Not bad,” might be a response when, if the truth were really known, the kid failed. We can’t say that though, without a barrage of criticism from parents and maybe even administration. Behaviors like bullying are thrown into the gray abyss, excusing it away as if it were someone else’s fault, with a due process hearing to discipline the victim more sternly than the bully. It even transcends schools, and society has allowed this twisted behavior into the court system. It’s wrong, and you failed are phrases that must be reintroduced into our culture and our schools if we want bullying to become a “no-no” in society. We are all taught to think “win-win.” Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but IF EVERYBODY WINS, NOBODY WINS.