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Bullies and victims suffer from clinical issues all the time. Depression, anxiety, and mood swings all are part of the bully/ victim dynamic. As these issues become more and more obvious, the natural tendency of parents and educators is to lower their expectations and modify the school environment to reduce academic and behavioral pressure. This may not be the best idea. Kids who already feel less-than-adequate and are suffering from a low sense of self-worth don’t need to feel any less capable then they already do. So let’s try something different: make any modifications you need to help kids who have been identified as “clinically involved.” But, slowly increase responsibility over time. Get him/her to a point that when he/ she has completed an assignment, arrived to school on time, or confronted a bully by being brave for two minutes, he/she feels like it was done on their own. Lowering expectations may appear to be the best thing to do at the time, but understand, we need to prepare kids to function in the real world where modifications may not exist. Kids will always provide you with the evidence to support your belief, so start believing that they are capable and they might surprise you.

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