1. Effective teachers have mastered their subject are well read and can answer questions spontaneously about what they teach.
  2. When the effective teacher lectures he or she is well prepared and can carry on a discussion in an orderly manner
  3. Effective teachers can relate their subject area to real life circumstances and offers practical illustrations to enhance student understanding
  4. Effective teachers know how to check for understanding and encourages students’ questions and opinions. .
  5. The effective teacher is enthusiastic about his/her subject area and communicates this to his/her students.
  6. The effective teacher is approachable, friendly, and makes himself/herself available to his or her students after school hours..
  7. An effective teacher is concerned about their students’ and places a high priority on their achievement.
  8. The effective teacher has a sense of humor and knows how to motivate his/her students will humorous stories and appropriate jokes..
  9. The effective teacher displays warmth, and kindness, and does his or her best to understand student circumstances that may interfere with their academic success..
  10. The effective teacher knows how to use their resources and is not afraid to ask for help when needed.