The Bully Proof Classroom


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Mutual Confidence Is The Foundation Of All Satisfactory Human Relationships.

Tweet I really enjoy Napoleon Hill. Trust is something  is something we need to teach to our kids if they are going to have successful relationships in their lives. Kids who have been targets of bullying don’t trust anyone, and believe that no one cares about them. Prove them wrong, and help them establish trusting […]

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The Words Of A Father Do Make A Difference

Tweet As a young boy I experienced all kinds of problems in my family. My father was a bar owner and a pretty heavy drinker. His behavior was very unpredictable at times, and we never knew what was going to set him off.  We were always walking around on egg shells because we didn’t want […]

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The First Week Of October In New Jersey Is Respect Week

Tweet The New 3Rs in Education Respect, Responsibility, and Relationships Remember: All Schools in New Jersey Must Designate The First Week of October as Respect Week Everybody knows what the 3 R’s of teaching are – reading, writing, and ‘rithmetic.  But educators don’t totally understand that in order to teach these basic subjects successfully, they […]

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