The Real 3R’s

 Respect, Responsibility, and Resiliency

It has been over ten years since I wrote “The New 3R’s in Education: Respect, Responsibility and Relationships and a lot has changed. Bullying is on the rise, addiction problems are at a staggering high, cyber crime and bullying are in the news every day, and school related issues never seem to go away. I put together The Real 3R’s with one thing in mind; to try and give teachers and maybe even parents some lesson plans that address how to teach respect, encourage responsibility, and to build resiliency in our children. These are not your garden variety lesson plans. They were written to include one plan for each of the 3R’s with the inclusion of suggestions, links, and podcasts that the reader can click on to listen to. If you purchase a hard copy of the book I have included the link where applicable so it can be copied into your browser. I have gone very narrow and very deep and tried to really hit a home run with the activities. I also included character qualities associated with each one of the 3R’s and in the area of resiliency have included some activities and suggestions that are related to these qualities that can be used in a classroom, or in a home. I have also included a bonus course at the end of the book as well

I am an anti bullying specialist and consultant. I have written and designed The Bully Proof Classroom that is offered at The College of New Jersey and La Salle University. Why is it important to tell you this now? As you listen to the podcasts included you will discover that they were produced as part of Anti Bullying 101 a book that I had written six years ago. I offer anti bullying tips on my website, and I enjoy the process of creating podcasts on a variety of topics. Some of the podcast that you will listen to are announced with a date of the production, some were done on blog talk radio and may have and advertisement in the beginning, but all are very relevant today and at times they are even more relevant. Because of the bullying epidemic steps now have to be taken to address the needs of the victims of bullying. My hope is that these plans will address issue of resiliency and help to strengthen the victims going forward.

I see school related problems as intergenerational, and over the years we have compromised in many areas and have aloud what was once a small problem to grow to very large proportions leaving teachers dealing with student issues that may seem almost impossible to overcome. I sight these issues in an article that I wrote many years ago called “Everybody Knows.” You can access the article by clicking on the title or if you are reading a hard copy of the book I will include the link at the bottom of this page.



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