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Here is a nice little slogan you can post in your classroom and teach to your students: “Send like a friend: Text Responsibly.” It sounds easier than it really is. The reason? We are an impulsive society. We can’t control ourselves, and our students have even less self-control. The use of cell phones, Facebook, and other digital devices used to send messages makes it much too easy to send messages that are hurtful. Students who are victimized by this type of raid on their emotions have no place to go and no place to hide. It can happen right in the privacy of the individual’s bedroom, which in times past may have been the only safe haven for a victim of bullying. I wrote an article that you can read on our site titled, “Society’s Morality has Not Kept Up with Technology.” Technology, which has become more and more sophisticated over time, is not really the problem. The problem is the lack of self-control and the belief that we can say or send anything we want when we want to. Let your students know that what they say and post will eventually come back to haunt them. Some employers and colleges have started using social media sites as screening tools prior to hiring and college acceptance. Please teach this short slogan to your students and make them aware that the “send” button can be a detonator that can ruin a life—maybe theirs.