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Written By: Gary Cooper

The Bully Proof Classroom
James H Burns Associates
Anti Bullying Specialist

photo 1Educational Consultant
In-Service Provider – Keynote Speaker

 Programs and In-services available to schools with custom programs available based upon school needs.

Anti Bullying/School Climate Control
This in-service provides teachers and administrators with 12 Strategies to help improve classroom/school climate, how to develop respect, responsibility and compliance in all students, how to teach students character qualities they will need for life-long success, strategies that help bullies and targets improve their coping skills, how to develop a code of conduct that can be effectively communicated to all students, how to be more effective in changing student behavior, and the importance of getting and keeping everyone working on the same school goals.

Defusing Power Struggles With Difficult Students and Parents
Effective discipline can no longer be achieved solely through using authority. A typical school today has some students who have short fuses, and some who anger easily. Students today may make offensive statements and act in a hostile manner that can trigger a power struggle. Often, too much instructional time is lost because of minor disruptions that all too quickly escalate into classroom battles that destroy relationships and any positive climate that exists. To keep the focus on educational achievement educators must master how to avoid and defuse power struggles. This practical workshop will present easy-to-learn methods of effective intervention that preserve students’ and teachers’ personal dignity.

Motivating Difficult and Hard to Handle Students
There is a direct relationship between motivation and discipline. The hard to motivate are often hard to discipline. Teachers are becoming increasingly more frustrated and are asking what we do with students who are not prepared, don’t care, will not work, and are on track for failure as adults. Finding tools and strategies to increase motivation can solve many behavior problems. There are many things educators can do to reawaken motivation in students who have lost interest and perhaps hope. This seminar helps teachers develop techniques that build respect, increase responsibility, and develop greater compliance in students who are hard to handle. It helps teachers overcome the strong emotional frustration that saps their energy and ultimately leads to burnout.

A series of one hour motivational talks that are presented by The Bully Proof Classroom; t these talks cover a variety of topics that will be sure to entertain your staff and leave them with something to think about. Your teachers will gain new insights on some difficult topics and leave believing that all their efforts are truly appreciated. Some of the topics include:

Bullying is behavior that on one forgets

The Making of a Bully – Why we need to work with the victim

Five critical compromises we have made as a society and in education

Society’s morality has not kept up with technology

Fear the greatest motivator

How to defuse a power struggle

The irate parent – What do I do?

How rumors and gossip affect the school climate

Can you handle the truth?

Anti Bullying Coaching
Kids who are bullied often are at a loss when it comes to what to say and how to act when they are confronted by someone who is attempting to verbally, emotionally, or physically attack them. This is not uncommon and can even happen to adults. How many times have you left a situation where you felt intimidated and said to yourself; “The next time he/she says that to me I am going to tell them……” This happens all the time and we only wish that we had the courage, the quickness, and the savvy to say something or act in a way that commands respect. This is a skill that can be learned by kids and adults and but it requires some coaching and we here at The Bully Proof Classroom are offering this service to schools, students, teachers, and parents. This is not counseling or therapy, but a method to help students and yes even adults how to develop confidence when confronted in their words, actions and attitudes.

Books available:
The New 3Rs in Education: Respect, Responsibility, and Relationships (Hard Copy)
This book is also available in an Ebook format at for only $1.00

Anti Bullying 101 – 101 Anti Bullying Tips for teachers and parents can be purchased at for $20.

Since 1977 Jim Burns has been working with students who have learning disabilities and behavioral problems. He has almost 40 years of experience working as an administrator, teacher, college instructor, and seminar leaders. He is committed to helping administrators, parents, and teachers establish standards of excellence and help them build successful relationships with their staff, students, and children. He has written and designed The Bully Proof Classroom, a graduate course that is now offered at The College of New Jersey in partnership with The Regional Training Center. This course is endorsed by the NJEA. He has also written “Anti Bullying 101.” A book that provides teachers, administrators, support staff and parent’s 101 tips on how to achieve permanent help in dealing with unruly behavior and can be used as part of any anti-bullying program. He is available for on sight in-services and keynotes and can be reached at 1-732-773-9855 or



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  1. Tanya Dorri says:

    Hi There-

    My name is Tanya Dorri and I am producing an anti-bullying film called Lockdown that will be filming this year in Oklahoma City. We are reaching out to anti-bullying organizations to ask for their help in supporting the film. We are calling our supporters, Friends of Lockdown and would love to promote your organization on our website and in our film in exchange for your help in spread the word about this movie to your fans and members online.

    I would love to chat with you personally about the project and tell you what we are up to. I can be reached at, (310) 503-4090 PST. We love your organization and would be so honored to work with you.

    In the meantime you can learn more about us, our film and becoming a Friend of Lockdown by clicking here.

    We are so excited about this film and about getting even more young people talking about bullying. I hope you will consider working with us. Thanks again for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best wishes,
    Tanya Dorri
    (319) 503-4090

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