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8 Core Principles

Written By: James H Burns - Jan• 12•17

This reflective journal lays out 8 core principles that will help you discover how you can put them to use in your life. You will have the opportunity to journal about your progress and document success stories that have resulted because of the use of these core principles. So take your time and feel good about yourself as you journal about your trip down the road to becoming your personal best. Your job is to review the principles and reflect on the questions that are posed below and reflect about your progress as you implement them in your life. Good luck and have fun.

Who should Use This Journal?

If you are interested in permanent help, not temporary relief you should read and use this journal. Parents, teachers, teenagers, employers, coaches, and those in the self help industry can all benefit from using this journal for personal self growth. It is designed to provide the framework for lasting change and an opportunity for lifelong success. The beauty of the journal is you decide how you are going to make the changes and you can evaluate your life one step at a time.

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